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Dyna Fyr (Fyr=lighthouse)
Lighthouses and other marks and buoys are a part of the cultural landscape along the coasts. Dyna Fyr is a famous landmark outside Bygdøy, at the entrance of Oslo’s inner harbour. Since 1874, this lighthouse has provided vital guidance to ships going in and out of our capital city, ensuring safe navigation in these narrow and congested waters.

Dyna Shipping’s ambition is to provide our clients with an equally important guidance and assistance in the shipping markets.

The artist Sigmund Nyberg (b. 1949) was educated at the Oslo School of Drawings and Paintings, The Graphics Workshop and The Living Workshop. His work has been shown at several separate and mutual art exhibitions in Norway. He has been living at Bygdøy for 10 years, with a great view of Dyna Fyr!